The spring forward period each year makes it difficult to get adjusted to that lost hour of sleep, but it also has dangerous traffic impacts too. In fact, research from the University of Colorado, Boulder shows that fatal vehicle accidents in the US increase by 6% during the work week that follows the spring forward period.

That study was recently published in the Current Biology Journal and discovered that the farther west the person lives in his or her time zone, the higher the risk of a deadly crash that week.

That has dangerous repercussions for someone living in San Francisco. The study found rigorous evidence that the switch to daylight saving time leads to negative safety and health impacts.

Driving tired and in the dark can significantly increase the chances of an accident. Daylight saving time clocks should move forward on March 9th, but make sure you are planning for this change rather than being caught by surprise that Monday morning when things feel slightly off. Feeling slightly off can translate to a higher chance of accidents and decreased attention levels.

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