A recent Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Study shows just how dangerous technology can be for drivers behind the wheel. Although plenty of technology has been dedicated to minimizing car accidents or preventing injuries in those accidents, a government sponsored study tracked 3,500 individuals via cameras and sensors inside their cars.Smart touch screen multimedia system for automobile.

This study analyzed more than 35 million miles of data for those individuals and tracked the drivers over the course of three years. The research study identified that texting and driving increased accident risk by a factor of six and the Institute determined that more than one-third of traffic accidents could be prevented if drivers would simply avoid being distracted.

Advanced technology, however, is only one component of distraction but its risks are serious. Talking to other passengers certainly carries a distraction risk as well but changing the dials on the radio, changing your destination on the GPS or using your phone in any way can increase your accident likelihood significantly.

All it takes is a couple of seconds of looking away before you could be injured in a serious car accident. Causing an accident that leads to damage and injuries could expose you to civil or even criminal penalties depending on the facts of the case. If you have already been injured in a serious California car accident, contact a California car crash attorney today.

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