Even though the technology for self-driving cars has allegedly improved in recent years, consumers and the public simply aren’t comfortable enough to drive them or consider purchasing them. In fact, many drivers are nervous about even having to share the road with self-driving cars.

A recent AAA study published in March 2020 found that only one in ten drivers will feel confident in self-driving cars. Many consumers don’t believe that self-driving cars can be fully trusted and consumers who shared their insights said that they would want to see more public information about some of the liability and safety issues and that they also want to see more news stories around these topics. If you have been involved in an accident of any type, you might need the support of an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer.

A San Francisco personal injury lawyer can be at your side for the duration of your case and help advise you about important and critical issues. You could have a long road to recovery if you were hurt in an accident whether it was caused by human error, a self-driving car, defective roadways or defective car parts. The support of an injury attorney is instrumental in helping you get back on your feet or in understanding the potential compensation that you could recover.



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