A recent analysis looked at the top ten most expensive cars to crash. Given that vehicle crashes are common causes of injuries and fatalities, and it looks as though this trend will continue into the future, many people are curious about how to purchase a car that will not only protect them in the event of an accident, but keep their repair costs down.

Your costs to manage medical expenses and car repairs can seem overwhelming when you’re out of work because another person caused an accident.

The Bentley Continental GT was named as the most expensive car to crash, according to HLDI and IIHS data.

In fact, all of the top three spots for the most expensive cars to crash went to Bentleys. Making a big investment in such an expensive car could turn out to be problematic if you don’t have excellent insurance to protect you.

The claim frequency for this luxury car is 7.1 and the average claim severity is over $35,000. Given that this is the price of an average car sold across the U.S, if you have a Bentley GT and are involved in an accident, you could be looking at catastrophic costs. The right San Francisco car accident attorney can help you if you’ve already been involved in an accident and are concerned about your damages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other expenses tied directly to the accident.

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