Plenty of people throughout California intend to travel during Thanksgiving, making it one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. The 2019 holiday weekend is expected to see some of the highest Thanksgiving travel volume in recent years.

Although there will be millions of travelers taking planes, making the airports a crowded place during this four-day weekend, automobiles far outpace the number of people traveling by air. In fact, in 2018 it was forecasted that 48.5 million people will be traveling on road trips during Thanksgiving.

This can lead to the possibility of getting involved in an accident or frustration surrounding the congestion. Some of the best days to travel, if you do need to make a road trip, are Friday, Saturday or Thanksgiving Day. Many travelers are using Sunday as their chance to get home after the long weekend.

According to AAA research, the worst time to hit the road in San Francisco will be Wednesday from 1.00pm to 3.00pm, where traffic could be four times worse than usual.

Make sure you plan to schedule your travel with plenty of time to take breaks and to account for travel. Take an emergency kit in your car, review whether or not you have access to on the road assistance programs either through your dealership or a third-party service like AAA, and make an effort to limit distractions in the car while you’re driving.

Although driving in busy Thanksgiving traffic in and out of the San Francisco area can be frustrating with the congestion, staying focused and budgeting for this extra time could decrease your chances of being hurt in a preventable accident.

If you do end up suffering injuries in a preventable vehicle accident this Thanksgiving weekend, our San Francisco personal injury lawyer offices are here to help you.



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