personal injury

Medical expenses may be the biggest portion of your personal injury claim, especially if you suffered catastrophic injuries like spinal damage or a TBI. When you go in to negotiate with an insurance company or make an argument about your damages in your court case, you need to know how to calculate your potential future medical expenses.

Some accidents leave devastating injuries that cause you to calculate future medical expenses when filing your personal injury claim. This can be one of the most contentious aspects of your personal injury lawsuit and is best handled by an experienced attorney.

While not every personal injury victim may require compensation for future medical expenses, some may need help for future medical costs and home care. Those victims who reach what is known as maximum medical improvement by the time that their claim is fully resolved, may or may not require compensation for future medical costs. Prior to resolving personal injury claims, plenty of victims regain full functioning. However, future medical expenses can include things such as medical equipment, medication, surgery, diagnostic testing, hospitalization, follow up care, home modifications, and mental health treatment.

Adding these future medical expenses to other types of damages such as your current medical bills can yield your total amount of damages. In order to prove your future medical costs you may need testimony from your physician and other expert testimony to help illustrate your case. Communicating with an experienced lawyer is vital to understanding all components of your San Francisco personal injury claim.

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