After being significantly hurt in a motorcycle, pedestrian, truck, bike or car accident, you may have many questions about getting medical attention. It is extremely important to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible once you realize that you have sustained catastrophic and serious injuries.

There is no one universal strategy that dictates how your medical bills may be paid. They may be paid for out of pocket by the injured party or covered by insurance. It can be a shock to realize that your medical bills can be substantial and may require long-term treatments or followups.

When dealing with a San Francisco car accident, however, these bills may ultimately become part of your personal injury claim. The other driver will only likely have to pay 10% of their medical bills due to their injury. Insurance coverage is the most common way to pay medical bills after an accident. Some car insurance companies offer medical expense financial compensation for costs associated with accidents such as lost wages or rehab cost. These medical bills can add up quickly. Your lawyer can assist you with tallying all of these medical bills, especially those that may include long term rehabilitation surgery or hospitalization, as you may not receive these bills until weeks after the initial procedure.

Making a case for your compensation in court falls to your experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer and your attorney should have plenty of experience in gathering and arguing these cases in court or in settlement. Set aside a time to speak with a San Francisco car accident lawyer today to learn more about your case. A discussion with an attorney can help you get a handle on some of the key issues in your accident claim, including handling your bills.

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