California laws allow victims of certain accidents to recover a form of damages known as lost earning capacity. This helps to compensate an injured victim for work-related income that is likely to be lost in the future because of an accident. For example, if you are critically injured and are unable to return to work or have any gainful employment in the future, this could have serious financial repercussions for your life.

Recognizing this, California personal injury law allows victims to file a legal claim for recovery of lost earning capacity. The calculation of this amount is extremely important and should always be handled by an experienced injury lawyer. Lost wages are different from lost earning capacity and you may be eligible to recover both in your lawsuit.

Your injury from the accident does not necessarily need to be permanent and many people with permanent injuries are able to recover this form of compensation but those with serious injuries should be evaluated as well.

Since personal injury cases in California have a maximum of 2-year time limit for filing a lawsuit, you will want to take action quickly by retaining an experienced San Francisco personal injury lawyer. Lost earning capacity can include raises, bonuses, overtime, salary, commissions, self-employment income, personal sick or vacation days, and profit-sharing contributions.

Discuss your concerns with recovering lost earning capacity with an experienced San Francisco car accident lawyer. Talking to a lawyer will help you figure out the different aspects of your legal claims so that you have a clear understanding of all that you might be entitled to.

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