Studies have found that road rage can increase the chances of being hurt in an accident for other drivers. Preparing for the holidays and trying to survive and adapt during the midst of a worldwide pandemic can bring up stress, meaning that it’s important to stay calm behind the wheel.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has found that over 80% of drivers in the United States have expressed serious road rage while driving at least one time per year. This included up to half of study participants yelling at another driver or tailgating another driver.

Other examples of road rage identified in the study include blocking another vehicle from changing lanes, cutting off a vehicle on purpose, making an angry gesture or honking angrily.

It is extremely important on all roads and in store parking lots to try to remain calm and proceed with caution. You could find yourself unnecessarily facing the impacts of a serious accident. If another driver is showing signs of road rage, try to allow them to pass you and move on so that you can avoid an altercation or possible wreck.

Try to stay calm and avoid engaging with other drivers who appear to be exhibiting the signs of aggressive driving or road rage. If you have already been hurt in an accident caused by a driver who was expressing road rage, you need to consult with an experienced and dedicated car accident lawyer.

An accident attorney in San Francisco can help you to understand your rights and the possible areas for recovery. If you need assistance paying your medical bills and covering other accident-related expenses, the right personal injury lawyer can guide you through that process.

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