Many people are staying at home in order to avoid the possibility of getting covid-19 and a new study has found this has had significant impacts on the state’s crash record. However, as states slowly begin to reopen, this likely means many more people on the road anxious to get back to their normal lives, increasing the chances of being hurt as a pedestrian, passenger or driver.

The most recent study published by the University of California, Davis found that crash related injuries and deaths and traffic accidents were reduced by 50% during the first three weeks of California shelter in place order, which started on March 20th. This has saved up to $40 million each day in associated costs from vehicle accidents.

Getting back on the road means that you must be careful of the possibility of being seriously hurt. So many people will be excited about enjoying outdoor activities and being able to drive to parks, restaurants and shopping malls that they might not be paying proper attention. While the car accident numbers have dropped, it’s expected that they might bounce back up in light of businesses reopening and many people going back to their physical workplace.

When the roads reopen and people are trying to get back to life as normal, it’s not an excuse to overlook important safety precautions. There will be more people on the roads and more people out walking to cafes, museums, malls, and other locations that have been closed during the stay-at-home orders. This means more accidents can happen in places like parking lots where people might not pay attention as they are backing out.

Make sure that you reinforce the importance of safety with everyone who is riding in your car. You could help save a life. If you’ve already been hurt in an accident, talk to a CA car accident lawyer today.



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