There are many different injuries that may affect you after being involved in a car accident. It is very important to be screened by medical professionals, either your own doctor or the emergency room or an urgent care after being involved in an accident because some serious injuries may not be visible to the naked eye.

One such example is internal bleeding. Internal bleeding causes problems from the pressure of the misplace blood on other tissues and organs, as well as the overall loss of blood. Most internal bleeding from car accidents is treated in an emergency room. Blood transfusions and intravenous fluids are the most common methods to help prevent a dangerous decrease in blood pressure. Furthermore, imaging tests may also be used to identify whether or not internal bleeding is present altogether. If internal bleeding is delayed or slower, doctors may choose to observe you at first, as sometimes minor internal bleeding from trauma will stop on its own. However, if you experience severe internal bleeding or ongoing internal bleeding, surgery may be required to address this issue. The kind of surgery will depend on the severity of the bleeding and the location of the injury.

Common surgical treatments may include a thorough cotomy, exploratory laparotomy, fasciotomy or a craniotomy. Other people may be at higher risk of suffering internal bleeding because of a car accident. This includes those people who have cirrhosis, inherited conditions that impact their blood clotting ability and use of blood thinner medications.

If you believe that your internal bleeding was directly related to a vehicle accident, share this information with your San Francisco personal injury lawyer as your internal bleeding treatments and costs may be connected to a personal injury claim. A San Francisco injury lawyer can help you.


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