workers comp

An injury on the job or an illness developed from work is a major stress point in your life. Between the personal recovery, the mounting medical bills and ongoing appointments, and your lost wages, this can feel very overwhelming, but you have a limited period of time to act to file a workers’ comp claim.

You may not be familiar with the specifics of workers’ compensation claims in the state of California or understand how long you may be eligible for benefits. Working with an experienced San Francisco workers’ compensation lawyer is the best way to protect your interests. Most workers who are injured on the job will receive a maximum of 104 weeks of workers’ comp benefits. This applies from the date of their injury and amounts to two years.

More severe injuries, however, such as the development of chronic lung disease or high degree burns, could lead to benefits being paid out across four and a half years. If you do not need to take all of your California workers’ comp benefits in consecutive weeks, these payments may be spread across a five-year period.

The temporary disability benefits afforded by California workers’ comp will last depending on how long your doctor thinks you may need to recover. In the event that your temporary benefits run out or your doctor determines that you will never be able to fully recover, you will either transition to permanent disability benefits or receive a settlement. In any of these circumstances, it is helpful to have the guidance of a workers’ compensation attorney in California to guide you through.

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