After an accident, you have so many things to think about that it might feel like it’s overwhelming or the potential for you to drop the ball is high. No two accident cases are exactly alike, but finding a qualified San Francisco personal injury attorney is the first step to protecting all of your interests and ensuring that you’ve incorporated specific planning into your future.

In most cases, personal injury claims are resolved outside of court in settlement. This allows you to review an offer for a lump sum to receive to cover all of your damages in your claim. You can choose to negotiate, accept, or decline the offer. This should always be done with a lawyer’s help.

The support of a qualified and knowledgeable lawyer is vital for navigating the personal injury process, especially settlement. Although there is no one true timeline that applies for all personal injury cases, you can get a general idea of what it takes to settle accident claims in 2022. The most common type of car accidents are rear end accidents, accounting for nearly 30% of all crashes. However, rollover accidents, side impact collisions, and many more influence the severity of your injuries.

An insurance company may present you with a settlement offer after you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident. Each insurance company adjuster has different motivations and may perceive more or less uncertainty in proceeding to court. Typically, it takes anywhere from a few months to as long as a year to settle a car accident claim. Remember that you do not have to settle a claim immediately and the first settlement offer presented to you may be something that you respond to with an attempt to negotiate.

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