One of the most common injuries associated with car accidents is whiplash. This is due to the sudden back and forth movement that many people experience in rear end car accidents. Whiplash usually happens unexpectedly, and can even occur when wearing a seatbelt.

It can be hard to prevent or predict whiplash, and it may not show up immediately after the accident. In fact, most people who suffer whiplash in an accident may go to the hospital right after the incident and say they feel fine. Their body is not yet suffering from the consequences of whiplash or they could be shielded by shock. However, whiplash can be sudden and pervasive, making it difficult for a car accident victim to go back to work or live life normally.

Some of the most common whiplash symptoms are neck stiffness and pain. They usually begin to improve a few days to one week after they get hurt, and the vast majority of people who get whiplash and car accidents recover fully within a month. However, if you have other symptoms or more long term pain, you may need to consult with your doctor about what this means for your ability to return to work and live your life again.

It can be devastating to realize that you are carrying long term consequences because of someone else’s careless actions. But it may be your only option to find an experienced car accident lawyer to help you file an injury claim to recover compensation. No one should have to suffer because of another person’s negligence, so if this has happened to you, contact an experienced lawyer to help with your injury claim.



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