If you or someone you know has recently sustained injuries in a San Francisco car accident, figuring out your recovery time is one of your top priorities. The length of your recovery will, of course, depend on the severity and location of your injuries.

Injuries can derail your life and make it more difficult to go back to work. This is where finding the right lawyer can help you chart a course for recovery and improve your chances of getting the compensation you need to pay for those injuries.

Some of the most common car accident injuries include concussions, broken bones, lacerations, whiplash, headaches and contusions, all of which should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible after you have been hurt.

No doctor or nurse can tell you the exact amount of time it will take you to recover but the average car accident injury can require anywhere from 2-6 weeks. That, of course, does not consider more significant injuries, such as burns, traumatic brain injuries and paralysis. More extended healing time and advanced surgeries are often required for things like herniated discs, broken ligaments, traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures and spinal cord injuries.

The recovery from surgery alone can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Furthermore, chronic car accident injuries can lead to lifelong suffering, such as loss of limbs, neck injuries, disc displacement, and TBIs. It’s important to understand that even minor car accident injuries can have far reaching consequences for you.

Schedule a time to speak with a lawyer in San Francisco to learn more. You can discuss your current diagnosis and learn more about what you might expect in terms of your accident recovery.



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