The most common soft tissues that are injured as a result of sports, vehicle or slip and fall accidents include tendons, muscles and ligaments. Sprains, strains and contusions in addition to conditions like bursitis or tendinitis are all examples of soft tissue injuries. These injuries can be very difficult to heal and often require prolonged treatment. The two primary categories into which most soft tissue injuries fall are overuse and acute injuries.

Overuse injuries are more likely attached to athletic or repetitive activities carried out by the person who sustains this injury. An example can include tendonitis which can occur from a workplace or regular sports activity.

Acute injuries, however, could entitle you to recover compensation such as those caused by a car accident. Acute injuries are triggered by sudden trauma such as a blow to the body, a fall or a twist. Examples of common soft tissue injuries caused by acute trauma are strains, sprains and contusions.

Acute soft tissue injuries can vary dramatically in terms of their severity and how long it takes a victim to heal. It is important to get medical attention as soon as possible after you have sustained an injury to have a better picture of how this accident will influence your life.

It can be difficult to understand the many ways in which this accident could alter your ability to engage in everyday activities or even return to work so it is imperative that you first consult with your medical professional and then a dedicated San Francisco personal injury lawyer to learn more about filing suit.


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