If you’ve recently been involved in a San Francisco car crash caused by another driver, you can expect that at some point in the near future you will hear from a representative of the other party’s insurance company. Remember that they are certainly not interested in the best possible outcome for you. In fact, their primary goal is to reduce or deny your claim altogether. California laws, however, protect victims of San Francisco vehicle accidents. You are entitled to fair compensation if another party caused the accident. You can anticipate that there are several different approaches that a California car insurance company might try to use to downplay your claim.

These should indicate that it is time to hire an experienced San Francisco vehicle accident lawyer. Examples of ways that insurance companies downplay your San Francisco car accident claim include:

  • Denying total liability.
  • Offering a quick settlement that is likely far too little for the injuries you’ve sustained.
  • Contacting you immediately after you have been injured without having an opportunity to verify your rights with a lawyer.
  • Pushing you to give a recorded statement.
  • Disputing medical bills that you have submitted for treatments related to your injuries.
  • Attempting to get you to sign a medical release.
  • Using delay tactics to make it difficult to get a hold of their adjustors in an effort to encourage you to give up.
  • Telling you that you are entitled to no money or less than the law truly allows.
  • Telling you that you don’t need an attorney.
  • Arguing that you are not truly injured.
  • Pretending to be on your side.

All of these are clear indicators that you should retain a San Francisco personal injury lawyer immediately. A lawyer can really help you sort out the next steps to take and how to organize your claim.


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