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No driver should get behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Doing so increases the driver’s risk of being seriously hurt and also the chances that other innocent drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists wind up hurt as well.


Any driver who had alcohol or other substances in their system, such as drugs, at the time of the accident, could be held liable for personal injuries and property damage caused by their actions. Most people underestimate the impact of drinking and driving accidents, but this behavior is actually quite common.


Recent studies have shown that:

  • Despite being over the legal limit, 41% of recently surveyed drivers said they still felt fine to drive.
  • Drivers between the ages of 21-24 are the most likely to drive under the influence.
  • Men are more than twice as likely to report that they’ve driven a vehicle while over the legal limit.


Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol lose judgment ability and may have serious trouble focusing on the road ahead of them. Overestimating their ability to drive safely could put others in critical danger.


If police officers or other first responders suspect a driver impaired by alcohol, tests may be run in order to determine this. This evidence, along with police reports and eyewitness statements, may all prove very important in your personal injury claim if you file one.


Injured parties may be unable to cover their expenses with car and health insurance, which is why speaking with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer is a good course of action. If you mention that you believe the other driver was under the influence of alcohol your lawyer can continue to gather evidence to paint this picture in court.


If you’ve recently been hurt by someone else’s behavior behind the wheel, don’t wait to get help. Contact our office today for a consultation.

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