A study recently published after evaluating the drivers in France found that those under the influence of alcohol had a much higher chance of being involved in a fatal car accident than marijuana users.

The study was recently published in PLOS One and it found that drivers under the influence of alcohol are nearly eight times more likely to be responsible for fatal accidents. The study looked at the connection between fatal car wrecks and being under the influence of drugs vs alcohol. Furthermore, they looked at the role that cocaine, opioids, and amphetamines played in traffic fatalities in France. They looked at the toxicology of more than 4,000 deceased drivers to arrive at these results.

This coincides with similar outcomes from a 2015 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study finding that crash involvement for people under the influence of marijuana was 1.83 times that of drugfree drivers. The French study concluded that driving under the influence of alcohol was the primary problem in France.

However, being under the influence of any dangerous substance can increase your chances of being involved in a catastrophic vehicle accident and may even expose you to personal injury liability if the injured parties choose to move forward with a legal claim. If you or someone you know has been hurt because of another driver was under the influence of any drug or alcohol, sharing this information with your injury lawyer in San Francisco is important.

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