Do you work as an electrician in California? Or do you think you are employed in another form of dangerous occupation? While the construction industry has long been known as one of the most dangerous potential occupations across the United States, it’s not the only major contributing cause of accidents and deaths at work.

In fact, one cause for the rising number of deaths related to work have to do with drug overdoses. According to some research, drug overdose deaths on the job have increased by at least 25% in each of the last five years. Even though drug overdoses are on the rise, most people hurt on the job suffer in more common injuries like machinery accidents, fires, explosions, or vehicle crashes.

The National Safety Council says that occupations with the highest fatality rates often tend to have at least one of the three things in common: frequent contact with dangerous machinery, working with dangerous heights where a fall could be fatal, and driving for substantial periods. All of these describe some of the core aspects of working for the variety of companies in California. If you get injured on the job, you might need workers’ compensation to help assist you with your recovery. To identify the 25 most dangerous jobs in America, a recent study looked at fatal injury rates for 72 different occupations gathered from data in the census on fatal occupational injuries.

Electricians, firefighters, athletes, taxi drivers, mining machine operators, police officers, construction workers, grounds maintenance workers, extraction employees, agricultural workers and farmers, landscapers, truck drivers, steel workers, and recyclable materials collectors all top the list. If you have already been involved in an accident at work, speak to an experienced lawyer about your workers’ comp claim.

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