Research out of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute has taken a different approach to the exploration of distracted driving by attempting to uncover how it influences the affected driver’s own personality, anxiety and physical response.


It turns out that people get stressed out when attempting to accomplish several things at once which is certainly the case in situations involving distracted driving.


Texting is not the only problem though that led to driver’s experiencing stress. Traffic, driving when you’re angry, answering questions from kids and adjusting the radio dial can all be distracting and cause unnecessary anxiety, fear and stress for the driver. Using a simulator, the research project managers uncover that drivers were likely to ignore speed limit signs, cross the white line, or mismanage their speed.


As the research shows, the consequences of distracted driving are far reaching and certainly have an implication not just on others on the road but also on the driver themselves.   If injured in an accident, it’s a good idea to meet with a car accident lawyer immediately.

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