A new AAA report identified that 30 late model vehicles may demand your attention and could put you at risk of a distracted driving accident. This study included luxury brands such as Lincoln and Audi, as well as other models developed by companies like Toyota and Nissan. These studies, completed by AAA, identified that a total of 23 of those vehicles generated very high or high levels of demand of the driver’s attention.

The study focused on infotainment systems and how these pulled the visual focus and cognitive focus away from a driver’s ability to complete tasks on the road. Study participants were requested to touch screens, make use of interactive technologies, and to use voice commands all while driving down the road.

Many of the car brands that are typically associated with a positive safety record, including Volvo, were critiqued for having infotainment systems that significantly pulled driver’s attention away from the roads. If you or someone you know has already been involved in a serious San Francisco vehicle accident as a result of distracted driving related behavior, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced distracted driving lawyer immediately.

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