Do you know what happens after you get hurt on the job? Most employees are covered by company-managed workers’ comp benefits, but it’s up to you to protect your right to file a claim.

Workers who were injured on the job will usually inform their employer as soon as possible that an accident or work-related illness has occurred. The next step from here is to initiate a California workers’ compensation claim. There are several different trends that have occurred in the workers’ compensation landscape in recent years and a recent panel highlighted several of these important findings, including that:

• The number one cause of death for workers’ compensation back patients receiving surgery has been opioid poisoning.
• Overall opioid use is declining among treatment for workers’ compensation claims.
• Chronic pain management has been time consuming, difficult and is often not linear for those patients who are suffering.

If you have been injured on the job, recognize that your path to recovery might be difficult and potentially even overwhelming. If your claim is denied, this is not necessarily the end of the road, either. In fact, your workers’ comp lawyer can help you respond to a denial with a well-written appeal in an effort to continue fighting for your benefits.

Having a dedicated San Francisco workers’ compensation attorney to help guide you through the process can help make you feel confident about how your claim is being handled and clarify the necessary next steps.

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