Most people know that the risks of being hurt in a car accident are higher than other types of accidents. And most people also know that certain factors can influence their risk of being seriously hurt in a wreck, such as speeding or drunk driving. But just how much do those concerns impact your accident outcome? A new research model attempts to predict exactly that.

A Southern Methodist University research team has created a predictability model that determines the odds of certain variables like speeding 20 miles above the posted limit or drunk driving will result in a devastating car accident.

Their model, for example, predicts that a 25 year old male involved in an accident with just two cars has a 2% chance of dying in that accident and this gets down into the nitty gritty by specifying that in this case he would be driving a 2012 Ford Focus on a dry road in Dallas at 2.00PM.

If alcohol is not involved and if he is driving 80 mph on a highway with a 70 mph speed limit, these factors hold true. However, the model predicts the odds that this crash could be fatal if the driver in the same vehicle at the same speed was drinking alcohol. The risk of a fatal accident jumps by 10% at that point. The interactive online system currently allows anyone to use the predictability model.

When an accident happens, there are a lot of things for you to think about, including how you’ll pay for your medical bills. If someone else was negligent and this left you paying the consequences, you have rights.

If you or someone you know has already been seriously hurt in a San Francisco vehicle accident, schedule a consultation with a trusted attorney today.

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