Research out of the University of Michigan indicates that your car may be able to predict a potential cardiac event. Unfortunately, medical emergencies caused too many vehicle crashes and without any way to understand that an incident is about to happen, a crash to could to a multi car pileup.ThinkstockPhotos-476406322

Michigan Medicine researchers worked directly with Toyota to learn more about the traffic accidents caused by medical conditions. The research team wants to put together a system that could ultimately be placed inside a person’s vehicle to monitor the individual’s overall health and predicted adverse cardiac event.

A sudden heart attack could cause someone to swerve suddenly, to swipe other cars, or to hit pedestrians or bicyclists. There are many different obstacles involved in carrying out this study but the overall goal is to determine the types of vehicle crashes that could be prevented and to establish a system that would minimize them.

Drivers aged 65 and older have many different medical related issues that can contribute to vehicle crashes, although anyone is subject to a sudden medical condition that could ultimately lead to a vehicle crash. By 2030, with a higher proportion of older age drivers on the road, it will become even more important to understand how these critical issues could affect safety for all.

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