Australian researchers have completed a study that indicates that wearing a bicycle helmet may reduce the risk of a critical head injury by as much as 70%. Unfortunately, individuals involved in a bicycle accident in California may be thrown from the bike and are more likely to sustain critical head injuries than an individual inside a car.


Passengers and drivers inside a vehicle have the benefit of safety technology like airbags and seatbelts to help prevent or cushion the blow of a collision but a cyclist has far more exposure in a crash. Wearing a helmet for each and every ride could prove to be a life-saving decision.


The study identified that neck injuries are not associated with helmet use, however, those cyclists who do choose to wear a helmet reduce their chance of a fatal head trauma event by as much as 65%. Although wearing a helmet is strongly recommended for any cyclist in California, unfortunately accidents can and do still happen.
Those individuals hurt in a bicycle accident may have grounds for a personal injury claim after consulting with an experienced attorney. Do not hesitate to reach out to a California personal injury lawyer to learn more.

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