No one would be surprised to learn that distracted driving is a leading cause of serious accident and injuries in most states across the U.S. Last summer, the Pokemon Go game emerged on the scene as one of the most popular mobile applications in recent history. That game, however, may have increased the number of distracted driving accidents and injuries.

A new analysis aims to determine what many people suspected; that Pokémon Go was responsible for critical accidents. A detailed look at various accident reports identified nearly a 27% increase in severe accidents near PokeStops or the areas that Pokémon Go characters could be collected on the digital game. “Death by Pokémon Go” is the most recent study developed by Purdue professors that looked at 12,000 different accident reports across Tippecanoe County in Indiana. The authors then referenced these reports directly with PokeStops around the county.

They found that the increase was a statistically significant 26.5% higher at intersections within 100 meters of a PokeStop. That added up to approximately 31 additional injuries, two additional deaths and nearly $500,000 in vehicle damage in that county alone. Whether it’s a game or some other use of the phone, distracted driving can claim the lives of many others or lead to life threatening accidents.

If you have already been involved in a critical accident in San Francisco because of someone who was playing Pokémon Go or was otherwise distracted by their phone, scheduling a consultation with an experienced attorney is your next step.

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