When you get your car inspected during an oil change, the mechanic might give you a heads up that you’ll need new tires soon. But what if the mechanic doesn’t give you everything you need, or if your tires go bald in the meantime?

If you get hurt in an accident because of bald tires, this might be a hard lesson learned, especially if anyone else was hurt in the crash who might blame you for causing it to begin with. Accidents involving bald tires can often be prevented.

Most people don’t even know how to recognize a bald tire, but a bald tire car accident can be significant and can leave behind injuries and even prompt a civil lawsuit. Everyone should know the benefits of properly inflating and checking their tires as one way not just to enhance the life span of the tires but to catch problems sooner rather than later before a bald tire sends you careening into another vehicle or along the side of the road.

Unfortunately, tire related crashes are often not viewed as being as dangerous as they are. However, when someone suffers in a tire related accident and discovers that the driver of the other vehicle had bald or improperly maintained tires, this can lead to a lawsuit filed on behalf of the injured party.

A recent analysis found that one out of every three Americans cannot even tell if their current tires are bald. The U.S. Tire Manufacturer’s Associated says that 40% of people are under the impression that they can tell that a tire is under inflated just by viewing the tire directly and that only 17% of the people even know how to check their tire pressure.

This 2015 study captured important information that could explain why some people have tire blow outs. Worn out tires are a serious safety risk, since they can make a person three times as likely to end up in a vehicle crash.

Information shared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that tire related crashes were more likely to occur as a person’s tread wears with the accident rates lower than with full tread depth. Tires have built-in indicators for tread wear, which can be tested with a coin in order to figure out whether or not you are at risk of being hurt in an accident.

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