Taking your bike to work or using it for recreational purposes are extremely popular activities in San Francisco these days. However, a new study by UC San Francisco identifies that the medical costs tied to non-fatal bicycle accidents are increasing by $789 million every single year. The total cost of bicycle injuries for adults in the United States over the course of a 17-year period totaled at $237 billion.ThinkstockPhotos-122492335

The cost for bicycle accidents in 2013, for example, was more than $24.4 billion. That was double the medical and other costs linked to occupational illnesses over the same period. The costs of bicycle injuries have been rising significantly since 1997 particularly as it relates to emergency department visits and hospital admissions. Older men have also seen a serious spike in the costs of being injured in a bicycle accident.

Being hit in a bike crash could render you disabled and seriously hurt. Waiting too long to get advice from an experienced bike injury lawyer in San Francisco may impair your ability to pursue a personal injury claim.

In the past, the majority of bicycle accidents were not associated with street incidents. However, street crashes involving motor vehicles are now a greater proportion of overall costs, highlighting the importance of hiring an experienced San Francisco bicycle accident attorney if you have been critically injured in an accident. Knowing your rights and being able to protect them with the help of a personal injury lawyer is crucial.



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