A recent study conducted by AAA identified that up to one third of people in the United States are unable to afford surprise repairs on their vehicle. Surprise repairs associated with property damage after an accident are just one of the many ways that a wreck can change your life.

For those individuals without health insurance, the stakes can be even higher in terms of getting the medical care necessary to recover from the accident. According to the new AAA study, up to 64 million divers across the country would be unable to pay for an average repair bill of up to $600. Approximately 76% of men said they were able to afford this expense while only 62% percent of women could do the same.ThinkstockPhotos-518589644

A vehicle maintenance schedule can help to minimize the chances of a car breakdown but the catastrophic expenses associated with a major accident can set you back in terms of major property damage and your medical expenses. The immediate needs of many people right after a car accident can seem overwhelming even if you do have comprehensive health insurance coverage.

Your life can be forever changed if you are unable to return to work and you find it impossible to enjoy the physical activities you were able to accomplish before the accident. It is challenging to know where to turn if you find yourself in this situation but consulting with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience with automobile accidents is strongly recommended.


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