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Flying has become part of every day life. By and large it is safe, but airplane crashes happen more often than you might think. According to a U.S. National Transportation Safety Board report, there were approximately 1,500 civil aviation accidents in 2010 alone. When an airplane does crash, the result is frequently a catastrophic loss of life.

Airplane crash litigation is extremely time consuming and requires a large array of resources.

It is almost never clear what caused the crash or who is responsible. Various parties, including airplane owners, maintenance providers, pilots, parts suppliers and aircraft manufacturers may all be liable.

If you have been injured in an airplane or helicopter crash, you need an experienced litigation team that is well versed in California and Federal aviation law and has the resources to effectively investigate and resolve an aviation disaster matter. The San Francisco airplane accident attorneys at Jones Clifford, LLP have the expertise, know-how, and resources to handle these cases and are dedicated to maximizing your compensation.

Our attorneys have been helping injured clients for over 50 years. We will advance all the costs associated with handling your case and charge you a fee only if we recover compensation for your injuries. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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