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As a motorcyclist, you know the thrill and sense of freedom that come with every minute of every ride. Chances are, motorcycling isn’t just a way for you to get from point A to point B, it’s a way of life. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, an inattentive or reckless driver can crash into your bike in the blink of an eye.

More than 80,000 motorcyclists are injured and approximately 4,000 are killed in traffic crashes every year. Because motorcycles have no protective barrier and are open vehicles, very serious injuries are sustained from even minor crashes. In fact, 98% of motorcycle collisions result in injury to the motorcyclist. What’s more, 45% of those injuries can be classified as moderate to severe.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the personal injury lawyers at Jones Clifford, LLP can help you get the compensation for your injuries that you deserve. Over the last 50-plus years, we have helped thousands of victims of motorcycle crashes and other types of injury obtain compensation. In one case, we obtained $6,000,000 (policy limits) for an off duty police officer who suffered traumatic brain injury and orthopedic injuries when a commercial truck turned in front of his motorcycle.

The types of injuries often sustained in motorcycle accidents

The severity of injuries resulting from motorcycle crashes depends on a wide range of factors. These include the speed and circumstances surrounding the crash, the size of the motorcyclist and any passengers, and whether or not the motorcyclist and/or passenger wore helmets. Broken bones, disfigurement, spinal cord damage, brain damage, partial or complete paralysis, and loss of life are, sadly, not at all uncommon. Worse, the pain and suffering of motorcycle accident victims can go well beyond physical problems. Severe accidents can lead to:

  • Diminished cognitive abilities
  • Personality changes
  • An inability to return to a previous job or obtain any work at all
  • Depression

In addition, multiple visits to a doctor, numerous surgeries, the need for prescription medications, physical rehabilitation and more are extremely expensive, frustrating and time-consuming.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, the San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers at Jones Clifford, LLP are here to assist you. Our experienced attorneys can help you obtain money to cover past and future medical expenses, lost wages following the accident, the loss of wages you might have earned in the future, pain and suffering, and more. The insurance companies representing the party responsible for your injuries will try to save money by making an inadequate offer or refusing to pay any compensation at all. You need our tenacious personal injury lawyers to fight on your behalf.

Contact us as soon as possible for a free case evaluation. We won’t charge you a fee for our services unless we recover money on your behalf.

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