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People in the San Francisco Bay Area increasingly rely on ride sharing companies (usually Uber and Lyft) for their transportation needs. Everywhere you look, you see Uber and Lyft cars picking up, driving, and dropping off passengers. Unfortunately, as the popularity of these ride sharing companies has exploded, safety regulations have not kept up. When their drivers cause accidents involving death and injury, the ride sharing companies go to great lengths to deny liability, claiming that their drivers are independent contractors, deny financial responsibility, and even point the finger at the victims themselves. The attorneys at Jones Clifford, LLP have experience in fighting these companies. In fact, we represent the victims of the first wrongful death case against Lyft, as well as numerous other personal injury and wrongful death cases against ride sharing companies. If you were involved in an accident caused by a ride sharing company, contact our experienced team of attorneys immediately and we will provide you with invaluable legal assistance.

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