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We are sorry if the death of a loved one has brought you to this page.

Few things in life are as difficult to endure as the loss of a loved one. When your loss was caused by the carelessness or wrongdoing of another person or party, your suffering is even more profound and your anger fully justified. The law allows you to seek compensation for your loss by filing a lawsuit for what is known as wrongful death.

If a person you love has been killed by the recklessness or misconduct of another, our experienced San Francisco wrongful death attorneys can help you obtain monetary compensation for your loss. We recently obtained a settlement of $1,100,000 for two adult children whose father was struck and killed by an SUV while riding his bicycle. We also obtained a $928,000 verdict in Sonoma County for the family of a worker killed in a truck rollover.

While money alone cannot make up for your loss, it can at least relieve your financial concerns and provide you with a sense of closure.

A number of factors determine the amount of compensation that can be awarded in wrongful death cases. These factors include:

  • The amount of money earned by the decedent
  • The degree to which members of the family were financially dependent on the decedent
  • Expenses incurred by the survivors of the decedent, such as medical costs and funeral expenses
  • The monetary value associated with what is called loss of consortium. This is an estimate of the extent to which survivors will suffer from losing the companionship of the person they loved

As you grieve the loss of your loved one, the idea of filing a law suit for wrongful death is probably the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, these types of lawsuits must be filed within a certain amount of time or you risk losing the right to seek compensation. This, along with the complexity of the laws surrounding wrongful death, means you should seek counsel from an attorney with experience in this area of the law as soon as possible.

Our San Francisco wrongful death lawyers have the experience, mastery of the law and dedication necessary to help you obtain all of the compensation you deserve for your loss. You will not have to pay us a fee unless we recover money on your behalf. Contact us as soon as possible for a free evaluation of your case.

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