Most parents already know that having a properly fitted carseat is an important part of keeping safety top of mind every time children buckle up. Plenty of research shows that parents might not be using the right size seat or installing it properly.

Many fire stations and other places are willing to help parents who need assistance in fitting a car seat. It’s not enough to have a car seat for your child if it does not fit them the right way. In an accident, all the safety intended to be provided can go out the window and your child could sustain life-threatening injuries.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also provides plenty of tips about how select and install a car seat safely. Checking in on the car seat every so often could help to decrease the injuries sustained in accidents.

A new study shows that rear-facing car seats, which are recommended for small and younger children, may be especially effective for avoiding critical injuries in accidents.

The study, completed by Ohio State University, found that car seats facing the back of the car were most effective in preventing severe injuries, even in rear-end accidents. Plenty of mechanisms inside these car seats make it possible for children to experience minimal injuries when an accident is unavoidable.

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