A California Office of Traffic Safety study from 2009 found that San Francisco may be the most deadly city for vehicle accidents in the state. When compared with other cities in California that have a population of at least 250,000 residents, San Francisco was home to 3,745 injuries and deaths in 2009 alone.

Furthermore, they maintain a top ranking for other types of accidents including bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorcycles. Unfortunately, many of the aspects that make San Francisco and the Bay Area a popular place to visit and live led to the ranking. Narrow streets and dense population, problematic street parking, many restaurants, bars and entertainment venues and [indiscernible 00:02:02] all contribute to the congestion.

A common complaint is regular violation of traffic safety laws that put others at risk of serious accidents and injuries. Some of the most common examples of violation of traffic safety laws include making illegal turns, running red lights, speeding, and motorcycles riding along the curb. Serious injuries and even fatalities may apply in the event of devastating accidents across the San Francisco area. If you’ve recently been involved in a catastrophic accident that you believe to be the fault of someone else, consult with an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney immediately.

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