The current pandemic has prompted many people to spend more time in the great outdoors, walking, running, and getting some fresh air. While there has been a decrease in overall traffic and, as a result, traffic accidents, it is still important to mindful of the potential impacts of being hit when you are walking or running near the street.

Some common parks and outdoor walking locations could be overcrowded, especially in major cities like San Francisco. Walking and running outside are actually some of the safest activities that people can do right now, so long as they keep social distancing guidelines in mind. Germs dissipate very quickly outdoors in a general sense, but you should always consider implementing your general prevention measures outdoors. It’s a good guideline, for example, to give people more than six feet of space.

Some research shows that respiratory droplets from runners and bikers, which are one major way that the coronavirus can spread can go between 33 and 65 feet depending on their overall speed. Make sure that you maintain a longer distance when running or walking outside, such as 12 to 20 feet rather than 6 feet. There is no good reason to get any closer.

Also don’t forget about wearing cloth face coverings in public settings and running solo. Don’t hit up a busy trail or street at a time with a big group of people since this could dramatically increase your exposure of getting sick.

Have you already been hit while out for a walk or taking a run? If so, the person who hit you could be held responsible in court if you set aside time to speak to an experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer in San Francisco.



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