text and drive

Have you ever looked at your phone while driving? It’s a dangerous practice, and it’s one that causes many accidents these days. Too many drivers assume that looking at their phone for “just a second” doesn’t distract them, but the truth is that it distracts them in a big way. Refocusing on the road ahead doesn’t happen immediately, either, which means that drivers can be focused for minutes at a time. All it takes is a few seconds for an accident to happen, one that might have devastating consequences for anyone involved. Distracted driving has even been tied to millions of red light violations, which can lead to life-threatening wrecks.

During the pandemic, the use of cell phones behind the wheel jumped significantly, even for those drivers partnered with insurance companies who would give benefits to drivers for keeping the phones put away.
A new report from Cambridge Mobile Telematic finds that nearly 35% of crashes recorded among the company’s customers involved at least one driver who had been using a cell phone in the 60 seconds prior to the accident or at the time of the accident. This pinpoints an important distinction about distraction hangovers, which refers to the slow response times that someone has even after a phone is no longer in their hands.
More distracted driving events are also occurring with the chances of a motorist picking up their phone increasing by 20% throughout 2022. If you believe you’ve recently been hurt in a serious accident caused by a distracted driver, you need to gather any evidence that supports your claim and share it with your San Francisco personal injury lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer in San Francisco is a crucial component of your ability to recover compensation and file a lawsuit to pay your medical bills and other expenses associated with an accident caused by someone else.

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