Did you have plans for a summer vacation that you had to shift? You’re not alone: many Americans have accumulated serious vacation time or are feeling the impacts of cabin fever and want to get out. But this can be problematic when you can’t travel safely. Airlines have experienced record drops in travel, making it all the more important to think about how many people might be on the roads instead.

The pandemic has had far reaching implications for travel all over the world but that doesn’t mean that some people have given up on their travel intentions entirely. Many have recognized the dangers of traveling via public transportation on buses, trains, or planes.

Many people, according to a recent study from AAA, are choosing cars and heading out west. The AAA study found that most Americans are opting to travel in a car with approximately 97% of respondents indicating that they were turning to road trips as a way to decrease their chances of being potentially exposed to the coronavirus. Some of the most popular areas for out of stators to visit include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver and San Diego.

This could lead to increased traffic on the road and congestion at those attractions, grocery stores and restaurants that remain open. Being aware of this increased traffic could help you reduce your chances of being hurt in an accident.

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