Individuals across the country have been bombarded with a great deal of media and research studies associated with self-driving cars. However, a new research project identified that many people simply aren’t interested in a fully automated vehicle.Autonomous Driving

Despite the fact that manufacturers have been working hard to develop comprehensive vehicle systems that handle all of the key aspects of driving, a new research study from the University of Michigan finds that many people would still want to have some access to control the vehicle if they wanted to.

This research study was known as the Motorists’ Preferences for Different Levels of Vehicle Automation, and determined that more than 95% of respondents wanted to have brake and gas pedals as well as the steering wheel that would allow them to take over control of the vehicle if they wanted to. The research study also identified that fewer than 10% of respondents over the age of 60 were looking for an automated driving car, even though this has been a demographic specifically targeted for automated technology with the vehicles.

The final results were that less than 16% of individuals were willing to use a completely automated vehicle. Despite the fact that automated vehicles may have significant benefits in terms of presenting crash likelihood, it doesn’t seem like people are quite ready to embrace the prospect of driving these vehicles and giving over control to automated systems.

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