New research from the United Kingdom finds that women are twice as likely as their male counterparts to get stuck inside a motor vehicle after a crash. The same study also found that women are more likely to suffer different kinds of injury patterns.

This research could help vehicle manufacturers learn more about how half of their passengers and drivers get impacted in an accident, ultimately helping to improve safety features and car designs that could bring down rates of serious injuries for both sexes. Furthermore, others are using this same data to argue that more inclusive accurate test dummies be used for simulations in vehicle collisions to better understand how women are affected differently. The data from over 70,000 different patients was used to analyze these results.

All of those patients had been admitted to major trauma units and centers in the United Kingdom between 2012 and 2019. Although men face a higher likelihood of being involved in serious accidents and being taken to the hospital, nearly 16% of women became trapped in the car, compared with only 9% of men. Women were also much more likely to sustain spinal and hip injuries, whereas men had higher rates of chest, head, face and limb injuries.

The research study was published in BMJ Open. If you or someone you know has already been hurt in a serious San Francisco vehicle accident, you need to consult with a dedicated and experienced lawyer to help guide you through the process of recovering legal compensation.


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