Would you know what to do if you were hurt in an accident caused by a driver under the influence of drugs? Most people don’t know how to handle this, because there might be both a criminal case and a civil case against that person. This is when hiring the right personal injury lawyer makes a difference.

A new study looking at research from the United States as well as Canada has found that the number of fatalities in car accidents involving cannabis has jumped in recent years. When considering the number of fatal accidents involving both alcohol and cannabis that number has jumped even further. The study explores the past 19 years of vehicle accidents and found that car crash deaths involving cannabis have more than doubled across the entire country, jumping to 21.5% in 2018.

The percentage of deaths associated with marijuana and drinking increased from 4.8% to 10.3% during that time. Researchers from the University of Victoria, Boston University and Boston Medical Centre all found that crash victims in marijuana-related wrecks had a 50% higher likelihood of having alcohol in their systems at the same time. Being involved in an accident with someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be devastating for a victim.

This is what makes it all the more important to retain an experienced car accident lawyer to guide you through the process of recovering compensation after a personal injury accident. The support of a lawyer can make things much easier as you navigate these concerns. If you have already been hurt, contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer today.



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