Unfortunately, far too many car seats don’t fully protect children, according to a new study, because proper installation of car seats is very difficult. According to a recent ‘What Car?’ study, two-thirds of children are not safe in their car seats.

Parents often find that it is difficult to choose the right car seat for the child’s weight and height, to install it properly, and to ensure that the children were safe inside them. Many children are still in car seats that do not fit them properly and are not the right structure.

Many parents don’t even know how to properly strap their children into car seats. Simple things can translate into significant injuries in an accident, like a harness not being in the right position, or the straps being too loose. During a recent study in the United Kingdom, 3,000 vehicles were pulled over for surprise car safety seat checks. These included vehicles that had children in them and those without children. It was determined that more than 36% of the car seats with children were not fitted properly to the vehicle, and another 33% were unsuitable for the children inside. Having the right car seat to assist with holding your child safely within the vehicle can be instrumental during the event of a serious accident.

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