“I can’t express enough gratitude to the law firm of Jones, Clifford, and Johnson & Johnson, LLP. When my father died in the (automobile) accident, I didn’t know what to do. My mother and brothers and sisters were not only emotionally devastated by the death of our father but were economically devastated as well. The insurance company was not helping in any way and was ignoring my family and me in hopes that we would just go away. The Spanish speaking staff and the attorneys investigated the accident thoroughly, found information that was unknown to me, and even went to Mexico City to take my mother’s deposition when it was necessary. Steger Johnson prepared well for the trial and even included a computer-aided video of my mother’s deposition as well as photos of the scene, photos of my brothers and sisters, and documentation concerning the incident. The initial offer by the insurance company was $30,000.00.”

“The trial resulted in a verdict of close to one million dollars! Before the verdict, my two sisters had left home and been working far away to help with the family finances. Even my 14-year-old brother was working part time to help the family. Now, they are all together and back in school, and, while my father isn’t here anymore, at least my mother is no longer destitute and can pay her bills. I can’t imagine what would have happened to my family without this fine law firm’s help. I am certain that my family and I would have received nothing without their help. Jones, Clifford, Johnson & Johnson came through for us and fought for us when no one else would. For that, they have my gratitude.”