With more children now on the roads headed back to school, it is important to always be aware of the risk of striking children and other pedestrians standing around bus stops. Be aware of the fact that buses use their flashing lights and sounds to indicate that they are stopping to either let children on or off the bus.

Other motorists should always be aware of the potential dangers of striking children. Many times when children are struck they are hit by drivers who are illegally passing a stopped school bus.

According to data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, students are eight times safer riding in a bus when compared with any other way to travel to school. However, more children are hurt outside the school bus than they are inside as passengers. Make sure to always stop behind a stopped school bus and maintain a minimum of at least of 10 feet of distance so that children can pass.

Be aware that children may not be easily spotted walking along the side of the road or up to a bus stop in the early morning hours. Practicing safe driving procedures could have the benefit of keeping children from being seriously injured in avoiding car accidents.

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