In light of the pandemic, many people are picking up bicycles and taking to the streets and parks to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, however, these bicycle accidents can become deadly if you’re not careful. Even with fewer drivers on the streets, there is still potential to be seriously hurt in a bicycle accident.

In this article you’ll learn several of the most important tips to minimize your chances of being critically hurt in an accident that requires you to contact a San Francisco personal injury attorney. First of all, avoid busy streets. Even though traffic has been greatly reduced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s very possible that drivers are not paying as much attention on these roads too, and with more cyclists out, this means that you could still get seriously hurt.

Make sure that you always signal your turns and light up your bicycle as well so that drivers in and around the area have the opportunity to see you, spot you and avoid you. One of the best rules of thumb to keep in mind as you bicycle the streets of San Francisco is to ride as though you were invisible. It’s very helpful to ride in a way that a motorist won’t hit you even if they are unable to see you. Keeping this in the back of your mind can even help you when you’re making left turns.

It’s a good idea to signal left turn as a bicyclist but one of the safest things you can do when making a turn is to wait until you’re not in an intersection where there are cars behind you. Ask yourself, could any cross traffic possibly hit me if I were invisible. This is a great thought to keep in the back of your mind as you navigate the streets of San Francisco. If you’ve already been hurt in a serious bicycle accident, schedule a consultation with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer.    



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