The trucking industry is presumed to experience a massive shortage due to the number of people expected retire in coming years. Many truck drivers are nearing retirement age and the industry is already starving for an experienced workforce.

With a big gap in the industry, truckers on the road already might be pushed to try and skirt federal rules about drive time if they can. Those who are hired new on the job might not get enough training opportunities to feel confident behind the wheel.

Trucking accidents have some of the most catastrophic injuries and costs associated with them. A 2017 analysis conducted by the American Trucking Association found that the trucking industry was short approximately 36,000 drivers last year, and that shortage is expected to grow to 50,000 by the end of the year. By 2026, the shortage could be as high as 174,000.

One of the biggest challenges for the industry has to do with the aging workforce. The average age for all U.S. workers is 42, but the average age of a trucker is 49. Many of the most senior drivers in the workforce have extensive experience but are not willing to adapt to new technology, and newer drivers may have less experience and be more likely to be involved in a catastrophic trucking accident.

Given the need for enhanced shipping opportunities, catastrophic trucking accidents may be more common now than ever. If you have already been involved in a trucking accident, you need the help of a San Francisco lawyer.

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