A recent project including 100 participants, 50 male and 50 female, at a University of California Los Angeles study found that technical driving skills may not be the cause of many teen driving accidents.

Teen drivers always have the highest insurance rates and are associated with more injury causing, property damage causing and fatal accidents than any other age group. However, the researchers found that younger male drivers, for example, had a better skill rating than men in their 20s who were preparing for the same test administered in the study.

They also identified which factors were associated with safer drivers. Those teenagers who spent the vast majority of their free time playing video games scored approximately average on technical driving skills. However, those who were active in sports were likely to hit the brakes more quickly for an impending accident.

Teens are more likely to engage in distracted behavior and participate in risk taking behavior behind the wheel but the study argues that it is not a lack of technical ability that makes teen drivers more likely to be hurt in an accident or to cause accidents. If you or someone you know has already been involved in a serious teen driving accident and have extensive medical bills as a result, you need a lawyer to represent your best interests and to argue for full compensation.

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