driving car on highway, close up of hands on steering wheelUPS is responsible for delivering more than 18 million packages every single day and the majority of these are handled by trucks. Driver safety is one of the most important factors at the company. Truck drivers in general may be more likely to cause significant damage in an accident due to the size and weight of any commercial truck. Companies like UPS recognize the dangers and are taking steps in order to minimize the number of devastating accidents on the road. Being mindful and driving defensively are two tips that can help.

A recent interview with the UPS Global Fleet Safety Director Amelia Lopez indicates that policies of the organization are focused on today’s reality. For example, recognizing the seriousness of distracted driving puts UPS drivers at the top of the line to receive comprehensive training about defensive driving. The cabs of any UPS truck is a distraction-free zone. Drivers are also instructed to check their mirrors every couple of seconds, ensuring that they are always aware of other vehicles around them.
UPS drivers understand that distracted drivers may be in any lane around them, in front, or behind them putting them at serious risk of being involved in an accident. Being aware of your surroundings, whether you’re in a passenger car or commercial truck, could help prevent a trucking crash.  Trucking accidents can have more significant consequences than typical passenger vehicle incidents since they may cause significant damage and injuries in just a couple of seconds. If you have recently been injured in a California trucking accident because someone else was not paying attention you may be entitled to recover compensation.

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