Do you know that most of the causes behind vehicle accidents across San Francisco and around California are caused by humans? Even though autonomous technology finds a home-base for cars in California, where several companies are leading the way with self-driving vehicles, human error and negligence accounts for the vast majority of accidents occurring across the state. 

If you’ve already been hurt in such a crash as a result of another driver’s careless actions, you must contact a lawyer immediately to determine your next steps and recover compensation. If you’re not sure to what extent the other party’s actions contributed to your injuries, schedule a time to talk to a lawyer about accident reconstruction.

Here are some of the biggest reasons behind accidents across the Golden State:

  • Any driver going above the speed limit puts themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. Drivers going too fast cannot control their cars and risk hurting others seriously.
  • Driving under the influence: Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, these substances impair drivers and impede judgment ability. Even being slightly buzzed poses a risk for drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists.
  • Distracted driving: Whether it’s talking to other passengers in the car or on the phone to someone else, distraction can take many forms. All too often forgotten forms of distraction include changing radio stations or adjusting the GPS, but these can also pull a driver’s attention away from the road.
  • Aggressive driving: You might assume you’re just trying to merge properly, but there’s a fine line between defense and aggressive driving. Ensure you’ve got the right idea when you’re behind the wheel. Aggressive driving can cause severe accidents and fatalities.
  • Careless driving: From cutting that yellow to red light too close to driving lanes, everyone is at risk when one driver is careless. Always pay proper attention and focus on the road to reduce the possibility of life-changing accidents.

If you’ve already been hurt in a wreck, it’s possible that more than one of the above-mentioned issues could have contributed to the wreck. An accident shouldn’t have the power to change your life for the worse, but this often happens. Consult with an attorney after you’ve been hurt so you can protect your right to recover compensation post-accident. You have a limited window in which you can file a claim, so hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

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